Parc Stamford (Connecticut)


Parc Stamford, previously known as Trump Parc Stamford, is a 34-story condominium building developed by Louis R. Cappelli, Thomas Rich and Donald Trump in Stamford, Connecticut, USA.

The building project broke ground in May 2007 and opened in September 2009. Upon completion, it was the tallest building in Stamford.

The list of amenities includes a rooftop deck, gym, pool, lounge and 24-hour concierge desk. The ground floor is designed to accommodate a 3,500 sq ft restaurant and bar.

In September 2007, during construction of the building, scenes for the film Righteous Kill were shot outside Trump Parc Stamford and inside the model apartments.

How tall is Parc Stamford?

Trump Parc Stamford opened in 2009 as the tallest building in Stamford. It is 350 feet (106.7 m) tall.

In both 2009 and 2010, a stair-climbing charity race to the top floor was held at Trump Parc Stamford, organized by the American Lung Association.

Where is it?

Parc Stamford is located on 1 Broad Street in Stamford, the second-most populous city in Connecticut.

Coordinates: 41.055363°N 73.542898°W

A little background history about the site

Parc Stamford was built at the south-east corner of Broad Street and Washington Boulevard. Thomas Rich owned the 0.5 acre property as a part of a larger 2.7-acre parcel that was jointly owned by an adjacent Target store. Prior to the Target purchase, the whole 2.7-acre site had been owned by 33 Broad Street Associates, a partnership of Rich and Robert Kahn. After the opening of the Target store in 2004, Rich and Kahn began planning what to do with the 0.5-acre lot. At the time, the 0.5-acre lot was landscaped with trees and park benches. When the construction of Trump Parc Stamford commenced in 2007, the trees were removed and donated to local parks.

Short facts about the creation of Trump Parc Stamford


Louis R. Cappelli

Thomas Rich

Donald Trump

Architecture firms

Costas Kondylis

Lessard Design Inc.

Main developer

George A. Fuller Company



The real estate developers Thomas Rich and Louis R. Cappelli started planning the project back in early 2006, calling it Park Tower. Later that year, Donald Trump joined, and the name was changed to Trump Parc Stamford.

The proposed building was originally rejected by city authorities, because the structure was deemed to big for the 0.5-acre site. A proposal for a smaller building was approved in November 2006, and the groundbreaking took place in May 2007.

The original proposal was for a 37-story building with 184 units and a height of 425 feet. The revised proposal reduced the height to 350 ft, the number of floors to 34 and the number of units to 177. The revised proposal also included certain other changes, such as relocating some parking space underground in order to reduce the above-ground parking garage from 5 to 4 levels. Six penthouses were lost due to the revision, as they had been planned for floors that were removed to reduce height.


The groundbreaking ceremony for Trump Parc Stamford took place on 15 May, 2007, and condominium units went on sale that same day. A sales office was even inaugurated within the Target store next door.

Falling objects

In May 2008, a 10-pound piece of metal fell 25 floors from the building and landed on a water delivery truck. The driver sustained minor injuries to his right shoulder.

In June 2008, a three-foot-long piece of cable fell from the 29th floor and landed on a car. No one was injured, but construction was halted for the weekend to give workers time to participate in safety training.

In July 2008, an approximately three-inch-long metal object fell from the building and crashed through a window at the university building across the street. No one was injured, but construction work was once again halted.

In August 2008, a four-by-four piece of wood fell from the building and landed on a postal truck. Following this incident, the university closed its main entrance due to safety concerns. City officials then agreed to the construction of a covered walkway to protect pedestrians, including students.

Moving in

The first purchases of units were finalized on 18 September, 2009, with tenants moving in over the next few days. The general idea was to have the lowest floors occupied first, although two of the six penthouses had already been sold at this point.

Renaming of the building

In 2015, Muslim groups in Stamford unsuccessfully campaigned to have Trump´s name removed from the building´s name. This was a reaction to Trump´s proposed temporary limitation on travel to the United States from certain Muslim countries, a suggestion that was a part of this presidential campaign.

In December 2020, The Trump Organization ended its contract with the property.

Following the 2021 storming of the U.S. Capitol, the property´s condo board decided to rename the building Parc Stamford. The name change became official on 16 February 2021.